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Maximise your Potential....

Are you satisfied with your sales performance ?

Do you want to maximise your profit ?

Would you like a sustainable growth strategy ?

Are you launching a new service or product ?

Is your competition giving you a beating ?

Do your market messages resonate with your potential customers ?

Do you manage your leads well ?

Do you have concerns about your sales performance ?

G4h can help....

Discover your potential with a cost effective review

Create a robust sales and marketing strategy

Evaluate and test your target markets

Evolve a realistic go-to-market strategy

Understand and beat the competition

Help your sales team reach its potential

Our Unique values....

Multi-industry domain knowledge and experience

A wide range of proven methodologies and processes to give you a fast start

10 years track record of success with 100's of satisfied customers

A very experienced team of experts with successful track records

Focused on the UK and Ireland

Extensive business contacts

Excellent value for money

e-mail: enquiries@g4h.co.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)870 803 1044


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Who are G4h

London based Sales and Marketing Consultancy G4h are experienced marketing and sales consultants operating in the UK, Ireland and Globally.


We work with our clients to maximise their revenues by finely tuning their sales and marketing operations.


  • Established for over 10 years
  • Tried and tested proprietary processes
  • Experts on market alignment
  • Seasoned professionals
  • Many years of real experience
  • Customer focused
  • Results orientated


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