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On using a Mentor or Coach......

It really depends on why you need a coach, I'll assume it for the business side in which case you need someone you really can get on with and trust, the coach should have the proven experience to act as a sounding board, mentor and innovator and definitely take up references it's the only way to be sure, many coaches 'talk the talk' but fail to deliver.

On the top quality for a senior sales person........

This is a hard question, there are many qualities you look for if you are asking the question 'can this person sell', but if you assume at this level they will have a proven track record which can be verified I would say the most important quality is loyalty (to you, your company, your customers), if they lack this quality they can do more harm than good, such as leave for a better offer before they are productive, go to your direct competition with your customers, always do what is best for them not the company and many other issues which cost you time and money no matter how good they are at selling.

On hiring good sales people........

I think this is a big problem for everyone hiring sales people, many of the 'duds' are experts at interviewing and CV fabrication, after many years I changed my approach, now I hire someone who looks like they can do the job, I know within one month if they can, if not I fire them. PS. I tell them this up front, it doesn't put the good ones off !

On when the sale is done.....

The key for me is getting paid, ask any business owner when he / she thinks the sale is done.

On getting external help with sales problems........

It may be short-sighted but many sales managers I know see asking a third party for help as a sign of weakness, they are afraid their bosses will see it as a lack of competence.

On getting a prospect to open a 'cold' email.....

This is a very interesting question, people will often only open an email that seems relevant to them, we try to profile our target position, think about what keeps them awake at night, then create a headline around that problem e.g. compliance directors are interested in new compliance laws. We then link what we are selling to that problem. The free offer or 'call to action' would come later in the email.

On motivating top sales people.......

In my experience top performers have two key motivators, reward (money) and ego. Play to both and they will perform even better. In particular don't put any ceiling on commission, pay more when they are over target (they hate leaving any money on the table and this avoids sandbagging), give them a better car, a better title and the best leads. Don't promote them they often make lousy managers and can never be as effective running a team.

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