About Us

G4h was founded in 2001 as a B2B specialist sales and marketing agency. Our personal experience in sales and marketing spans all of the major developments in technology over several decades as well as working on service offerings.

As G4h we have worked for over 400 clients including some of the world’s leading brands ranging from start-up to blue-chip, and have delivered a wide range of services to them.

We have helped some clients to develop business plans, product plans, sales plans, marketing programs and organisation structures through our engagement process.

We have also provided sales and marketing support to many of them to help achieve revenue targets.

Our personal corporate background in senior positions span a broad range of blue-chip organisations and we now bring that experience to the benefit of our clients. Blue chip employers have included BT, ATOS, Siemens, Sperry Univac, NeXT, DEC, McDonnell Douglas Information Systems, Bain Capital, McKinsey, BBC, Sky, MSN, Fujitsu Amdahl, BAE systems and Altris. We have also held senior roles in a number of smaller firms as directors and owners.