As sales professionals, we all know that Q1 marks the start of the financial year which brings new targets and new forecasts.

When we examined issues that cause sales performance to fall behind target we concluded that the lack of qualified leads, together with underperforming sales teams, were the main reasons.

We thought long and hard as to how to develop a programme to address both of these issues and the result was Q1. The name implies a new start, but it can take place at anytime of the year with the intention of rejuvenating and refocusing sales efforts.

The concept is based upon taking an existing sales team through a rigorous prospect development programme working with them and their management and at the same time honing their specific sales skills around real life sales scenarios.

Q1 is designed to produce the following outcomes:

  • New prospect generation leading to increased revenue
  • Rejuvenation of sales teams’ skills specifically aimed at your customers’ requirements
  • Full involvement of sales leadership which will allow assessment of individual sales people and hence create a personal development plan

We believe that Q1 will benefit any sales team and more importantly should become self-funding by creating increased revenues.