Sales & Marketing Assessment

Businesses are under continuous pressure to meet sales targets.
Over time this sometimes singular focus on sales results in gaps in business operations that affects the performance of the sales person and it is often difficult to identify by people that are close to the

G4h has experience of working with over 400 sales and marketing organisations over the past 17 years. We have used this experience to develop a robust assessment that looks at 43 different areas of business operation that affect sales performance.

Senior sales executives carry out the assessment, which typically involves initial half day workshop with some detailed follow up questions.

The output will present you:

  • A detailed Sales effectiveness dashboard with RAG status across the 43 key indices
  • Detailed explanation on the areas of strength and weakness
  • Recommendations on remedial actions

The findings are measured against:

  • Good salesmanship
  • Market knowledge
  • Competitive landscape
  • Best practice

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